Thursday, 18 October 2018

our game

this is me and keirans passion project its a 2d platformer game where you have to collect crystals and kill the baddies there are 10 levels and the 11 is just a level you can muck around in. Hope you like it if you do end up playing it.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Mitchell's adventure

this is some writing that is showing my work on my
goal which is paragraphing. i think it was pretty good considering it was my first story with paragraphs.

It was just a normal day. I woke up in the morning.

I could smell pancakes cooking in the kitchen.

I looked at the time it was 8:00.
I rushed to pack my bag. I got changed as fast as I could.

I grabbed a pancake and stuffed it into my mouth.
My brother had already left for school.

I grabbed my bike and put on my helmet
and got to class.

I sat with my friends Keiran, Jak and Lachlan.
When it was morning tea we played in the bushes and then we found a portal. Then arms reached out of the portal.

Our hearts were racing. The arms grabbed us and pulled us into the portal.
To a weird world.  In the world there was out of this world creatures they were green with razor sharp teeth and their claws they were huge.
They took us to a creature that looked exactly like the other creatures but 10x the size of them and had a crown on its head.
They spoke in a alien language it sounded like this ew thguorb namuh hguorht eht latrop.
We got stuck in a jail cell. It was warm but pitch black.
After a while we got let out but we had to find the portal
but it was weird we were in a city. We had to sneak around the places just in case something bad happened.
We were really hungry I spotted a photo it looked like a cake. We went inside and got food. Jak had a piece of cake with frosting it
had chocolate flakes around it.
 The rest of us had a cinnamon bun with caramel syrup that dripped off the top.
When we left we found a sign with a train on it so we followed it.

We were in some sort of subway.
we hopped on a train all though it looked like a boat
on railways.
When it stopped we hopped off when we got out of the subway.

There was a forest. We entered the mysterious forest it was really silent apart from us talking there was no other sound
we were thinking if there was any other person or any
Living life form apart from the plants and trees.

As we travelled further into the forest a huge gorilla jumped out of nowhere and started chasing us we were running as fast as we could.
we stopped running when we thought we lost him.

There was a huge temple the doors slapped open we ran inside just to be sure we lost him.
We walked through a doorway their was blocks floating in the air we threw a rock on one of them it tipped the rock off of the block.
We had to find another way to cross the blocks.
Look there's Ladders across the wall we can get across.

OK let's go to the next room it had colourful tiles that changed colours OK so we just walk to the next door seems simple enough
Jak started walking forward. Spikes appeared in front of him.  

Where the flip did these come from.
under the ground obviously Kerain said.

OK so what do we do now i don't know maybe we could try dancing across it OK.
Phew we made it.

OK what now the doors are standing still said Lachlan
they won't budge Jak said

We need to start looking for a exit OK
2 hours later. Finally we found an exit OK we have to climb up to it.

In the next room their were snakes everywhere  we could see rattlesnakes brown snakes but guarding the door was a
giant Titanoboa . We screamed like little girls. The Titanoboa was chasing us we run around the room like it was a high speed game of tag.
we finally got in to the next room we were puffed we. Finally we made it out of their Jak said

What the snakes got out! hurry we need to get into that helicopter

Fly Mitchell fly Keiran yelled I flew the helicopter up.
Lachlan found a machete. He picked it up and threw it at a snake.

Then Jak found a mini gun but unfortunately missed every shot
mean while the snakes were still chasing us.  We were flying so high now the snakes couldn't reach us.

We could see a different city with big buildings we realised that we were back on earth.

           The end  

Thursday, 17 May 2018

My Passion Project

For my passion project i want to build a claw machine that is fully functional.
Because i eat lots of lollies and candy. So when i want to have lollies i have to use the claw machine.
Just in case if you where wandering a passion project is where you get to choose to make some thing like a website or claw machine but theirs a twist  you still have to be learning some thing. In my passion project there is a stage that is called a pitch. A pitch is plan that we explain to the class. The class ask questions.

 Click on the link passion project

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

w.i.t art 2018

For wit we did painting. We got to choose impressionism, pop art, cubism or a negotiated art style. I chose impressionism. Impressionism is a art style that has thin brush strokes dull colours and you can see the brush strokes and mix up colours.   My art is about subnautica because i like subnautica.

Monday, 11 December 2017

w.i.t task

For my wit our task was to volunteer our time to make a positive difference on others.  As we loved animals, we wanted to do something for animals.  The zoo asked us to make paper mache pinatas for the animals to play with at Brooklands Zoo. we had to blow up a balloon then we made the strips out of news paper then we made glue to stick on the strips after we added 2 layers of  the paper strips we add paper towels so we could paint them after the paint dried we popped the balloon inside.  

Wednesday, 22 November 2017



Lcms by kelloggs are  not an everyday food because it's unhealthy.   


Lcms have 3x the size over the sugar limit. For a food  to be considered healthy it has is 10g of sugar 10g of fat and 400 mg of sodium.

Artificial colours
It has no artificial colours on the front of the box but it has colours (171,100,120,160c)[. I don't know why they would name food colours (171,100,120,160c)[.

Fats not good for you and in lcm,s there is 9.7g of fat that's all most over the 10g mark which is a lot of fat.


This is not something you would want to eat on a daily basis because it is more like a treat.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Carnival Craft

For my carnival craft I made a tote bag. First we had to make the handles and  the main bit of the bag. Then we had to find what we wanted on the tote bag. Next we sewed the handles and the bag  together. Then we had to screen print it. I choose a hawk.This is my finished tote bag.